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Tokyo Pregnancy Group
Support and networking for pregnant women in the Tokyo area.

International Volleyball group in Tokyo!
For adult men and women in Shinjuku. Non-profit, court fees are Y1500 per person per practice!

La Leche League Japan
Support for breast-feeding mothers in at least four areas in Japan.

Homeschooling / Afterschooling in Japan
Includes organized activities, field trips, a real-time chatroom for members, and a resource newsletter.

Field of Mugi
A community web site for English-speaking Working Women in and outside Japan.

The Foreign Buyers' Club
Importer of products from the U.S., from books to food, catering to expats seeking goods otherwise too expensive, or difficult to find, in Japan. Catalog and home delivery available.

Children's Rights Network Japan
Mission is to disseminate information to help change attitudes and laws in Japan in order to assure all children of direct, meaningful and continuing contact with both parents, regardless of citizenship, marital status or gender.

Japan, A Whole Lot More Than Raw Fish!

Hachioji International Friendship Club
Publish "Rapport" newsletter monthly in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. Japanese classes for foreign residents. Homestays/homevisits. Recycling, especially bicycles for foreign students to use. Introduce Japanese culture. Study other cultures & foods. Activities for mothers and children. More! (tel: 0426-36-7057)

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)
Provides telephone counseling, face-to-face counseling, and other support services such as workshops and training for the international community in Japan.

Tokyo Cruise Ship Co.
Find out about cruising around Tokyo! Build a paper model of one of the boats! Site includes map, schedules, pictures, sight-seeing information, and introduces you to each of the boats. Cool! (Japanese site here.)

Association Of Foreign Wives Of Japanese (AFWJ)
An organisation for women of foreign origin who are engaged to, are, or were married to a Japanese man. Provides social, emotional, educational, and professional growth. For membership details, use the contact form on the website.

Accessible Tokyo
Tokyo For Persons with Disabilities

International Schools in Japan Directory

Schauwecker's Guide to Japan
About 200 pages with illustrated, general information about most aspects of modern and traditional Japan. Sections include: Arts and Crafts, Computer, Current News, Entertainment, Etiquette, Food, History, Language, Living in Japan, Politics, Regional, Religion, Sports, Tourism, Tradition, and Transportation.

Hometown Homepage Japan
EXCELLENT resource! Very cool looking site with lots of information about areas of Japan. Bi-lingual.

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Area guide, some event information, tourist info

Japan National Tourist Organization
National guide, event information, tourist info

Tokyo Pocket Guide
On-line version of a concise book for enjoying Tokyo. Not complete by a long shot but contains enough to get started without being overwhelming.

Make a Wish of Japan
A nonprofit organization whose purpose is to grant wishes for children with life threatening or terminal illness between the ages of 3 and 18 years old. Make-A-Wish is neither a religious nor political organization, but works with any individuals or organizations which share its vision.

Japan as it is
"Japan as a Japanese sees it. Facts, thoughts and feelings." Over 200 essays on life, society, art, music, places, Tokyo, the Kanto region, Izu peninsula, entertainment, sports, food, restaurants, and vice. Author: ?? ?? (ja1rna[at]

News, reviews and the city inside-out, updated weekly.

Mining Company Guide to Japanese Language
It's one of the more comprehensive guides for beginning and intermediate students of Japanese. The site contains cultural, and general information about Japan along with information about learning Japanese.

JR East Railway Information
Information about routes and fares in eastern Japan in English. If you want a copy of the JR Railway Lines in Greater Tokyo you can download a PDF file and print it out for use on the road.

JR West
Looks like they got rid of their English section. Had information about routes and fares in western Japan in English, and sightseeing information.

Highway Buses
Yes, there is even a Japan Bus Pass which has to be purchased outside Japan.

Why not enjoy a cycling trip through Japan?

Roger & Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo
Do your relatives wonder what Tokyo looks like? This site is by a couple that came here on vacation. Lots of pictures and descriptions.

Tokyo Food Page
A complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Tokyo, with recipes, culinary travel tips, restaurant listings and more.

An English telephone directory published in Japan. "English i-townpage" service has been terminated as of September 30, 2010.

How to get a Driver's License in Japan
Koyama Driving School gives you all the details.

Child Research Net
A non-profit, internet based child research institute for researchers and teachers. Weekly update on the theme of children,education, schools,global understanding and problems surrounding children focused in Japan, such as bullying. (Tama-city, Tokyo, Japan)

O-hayo Sensei
The Newsletter of Teaching

Akagi-kohgen Hospital
Treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse and eating disorders. In/out patient service. Group therapy sessions. Info in English and Japanese.

Ai No Kesshin (Loving Decision)
Crisis Pregnancy Counselling, Counselling and Referral Services, Families and Women in Crisis, Japanese / Non-Japanese / Immigrant Workers, Homestays for Unwed Mothers, Alternatives for Single Mothers, Adoption Placement, Japanese / Non-Japanese / Inter-racial children, Home Studies Required for Placement, Evangelical Christian organization.
Japanese 24 Hour Crisis Pregnancy Help Line: 0120 (41) 8277
Tagalog & English Crisis Pregnancy Help Line: 0120 (42) 8277

A professional organization for foreign women in Japan. Networking, support, friends, monthly meetings, events.

International Women in Communications
A Tokyo-based, bilingual, non-profit group organized in 1993 to promote professionalism, the free flow of information and the advancement of women in communications. IWIC's main purpose is to bring women together to mentor and learn from each other.

The Society of Writers, Editors and Translators, Japan
Based in Tokyo, Japan, SWET comprises people engaged not only in the three professions of writing, editing, and translating, but also in teaching, research, rewriting, design and production, copywriting, and other areas related to the written word in Japan.

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
SCBWI Tokyo, the Tokyo regional chapter, offers illustrators and writers of children's and young adult literature in Japan, support, information and community.

Computing Japan magazine online
Information Technologies, Trends, and Resources. English-language magazine covering the Japanese technology and business scene.

Tokyo PC Users Group
For users of IBM-compatible PCs.

Is it true or false?

The folllowing sites and others like them will help you investigate claims and rumors that come via your email in-box. Please take the time to investigate first before you forward such an email on to your entire mailing list. - Documents legends and hoaxes sent via fax and internet.
Urban Legends - Urban Legend Archive: A growing collection of thousands of urban legends also known as urban myths or stories.
Truth or Fiction - "Nobody intends to spread a false rumor."

News Online

The Daily Yomiuri in English or Japanese

Japan Times in English

Mainichi in English or Japanese

Asahi in English or Japanese

All Japanese Newspapers

Japan Today is on-line news only.

The Japan Daily Press is on-line only.

The Tokyo Times Not your typical "news" content. Very quirky.

National and Regional English Language Publications

Alien Times
Free English language publication in Tsukuba City.

Metropolis - started as Tokyo Classified
Free English language magazine in Tokyo. Has feature articles, entertainment guides, and community builders. Includes free and pay ads for housing, employment, merchandise, and personals.

Tokyo Notice Board
Free English language classified advertising publication in Tokyo.

Tokyo Families Magazine
Free English language magazine serving the expat community in the Azabu/Meguro/Setagaya areas of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Weekender
Longest running free English language publication in Tokyo since 1970 (used to come inside the Daily Yomiuri on Fridays but now you have to find it distributed at various places throughout Tokyo or read it on-line).

General Parenting Links
Children's Health and Parenting Information. Created by the pediatric medical experts at The Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, The Nemours Children's Clinics, and other children's health facilities nationwide. (USA based information)

Kidsource Online
In depth and timely education and healthcare information for parents and their children; includes resources on newborns, toddlers, pre-schoolers, K-12, education, health, parenting, and more.

Lycos Best of the Web - Kids
Rewiewed web site links in the kids category of the directory formerly known as the Top 5%.

Travel With Kids
Articles compiled by The Mining Company. Includes: traveling with difficult kids, travel in asia, mealtimes, how to amuse kids on long flights, tips for making travel more affordable and more.

Parenting, Pregnancy, Family, Childcare, Breastfeeding and Infant / Baby resources. The award-winning parenting, pregnancy and family community for parents and prospective parents.
Seeks to provide entertainment, information, and stimulation for parents who didn't check their personalities at the door when their kids were born. (Thanks for this link, Ian K!)

Australian site "Raising Children"
Covers a wide range of parenting topics, and has a good proofreader! They have among others a good article on what it is like to migrate into a different culture with children:

Help for the most important job in the world. A comprehensive parenting site. (USA based information)

Family Education Network
Useful information and interactive communication tools to help busy parents help their children succeed. Includes quizzes, polls, discussion groups and articles on parenting and education subjects. (USA based information)

Internet Content Filters and Articles

Innocence vs. Freedom: Kids Online Summit
A ZDNNews special report covering the fine line between protecting children and preserving freedom of expresssion.

PC Magazine--Filtering Utilities
Article by Kathryn Munro evaluates a collection of filtering software that enable parents to control their children's online access and activities.

Policing the Net
A review of eight Internet content filtering tools and how they work, from ZD Internet Magazine.

Anti-Defamation League Hate Filter
Software that protects children by blocking access to Web sites of individuals or groups that advocate hatred, bigotry or violence towards groups on the basis of their religion, race, or ethnicity.

CPSR Filtering FAQ
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility address the issues of content filtering and PICS. Written by Harry Hochheiser. Also in French and Spanish!

Jumpstart for Parents
Resource list of links for parents regarding child safety, filtering software, parenting organizations, college admissions and more.

Cyber Patrol
Internet filtering software from Microsystems Software, a subsidiary of the Learning Company.
Internet safety volunteer organization fights cybercrime and empowers users through safety education.

Filtering Facts
Information on how filters work, filter recommendations for a library setting, legal opinions about filtering, responses to anti-filtering claims, and news stories. (USA based information) Online safety & civility
Guiding children's use of the Internet, and solutions & obstacles to educational use of the internet.

Humorous / Interesting Links

Japan Atlas: Festivals
Information on 15 major festivals occuring throughout Japan. (1. Sapporo Snow Festival 2. Nebuta Festival 3. Tanabata Festival 4. Chichibu Yomatsuri 5. Sanja Festival 6. Sanno Festival 7. Gion Festival 8. Aoi Festival 9. Tenjin Festival 10. Danjiri Festival 11. Sagi-mai [White Heron Dance] 12. Awa Dance 13. Yosakoi Festival 14. Hakata Dontaku 15. Eisa) Cool!

McDonald's Japan
If you (and your computer) can read any Japanese at all - even just katakana, this site has printable coupons for different items.

What is Engrish?
A collection of weird and wonderful English phrases

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