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April 2009: Supplementary Income Payments from the Japanese Government New!
March 2009: Citizenship for Kids Born to Japanese Fathers Out of Wedlock New!
February 2009: New ID Cards Proposed for Foreign Residents New!
AMF: Association for Multicultural Families
Children and Disaster - Helping Kids Cope with Disaster
Cleaning Problems Unique to Japan
Clothing Alterations
Church Services in English
Day Care/Child care for Working Parents
Dog Grooming
Get a Driver's License
The Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Techo)
Japanese Encephalitis in a Nutshell
English Speaking Internet Groups in Japan
International Schools in Japan
September 2010: PSAT/NMSQT College Board Tests in Japan New!
Special Needs Kids - Resources for Parents
The Lottery Schools (national --kokuritsu schools)
Filing Tax Returns
Immigration: Applying for Permanent Residence Visa New!
Japan Red Cross
Kerosene Heaters New!
Landlord Tenant Law
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Metropolitan / Tama Area Ward and City Offices
Population of Foreigners Living in Tokyo
Yokohama City Information
Population of Foreigners Living in Yokohama
National Pension System
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT)
Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport)
T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal)
Tokyo Immigration Bureau Hakozaki Branch Office
Tokyo English Life Line (TELL): Articles of Special Interest to Parents
Basic Rules for Disposing of Recyclable Material
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Tokyo Gas / Yokohama Gas
Tokyo Waterworks
Postal Lottery - Check Your Postcards for Winning Numbers
MacJDic Freeware Japanese-English dictionary for MacOS
Japanese Language: Katakana and Hiragana Charts With Sound
Earthquake Learning Center
Working Women's Website Japan - "Field of Mugi"
Baby Gap, Gap Kids and Gap Stores in Japan
Sponsors and Contributors - UPDATED!

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